The Banquet - Araki - Pics by Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste Magazine©
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The banquet

Nothing more intimate. Lasts meals of Yoko

XMAS IN JEWELS by Salvatore Lombardi per Essen A Taste magazine©

24k for a soft New Year Eve

From dishes to nail art for a Gold year

Natale 2014 con la Pastiera scomposta by Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

Saint and broke up

A very italian tradition


Meeting PArC during equinox

(Italiano) Il catering del Parco Agricolo Sud di Milano in Expo Gate

DiverXo - Marc Ortiz - skull

Merry, celebratory and slightly disturbing

Interviewing the director: Marc Ortiz

Alessandra Spranzi©

Taking care the daily life

Maraviglia, an exhibition of Alessandra Spranzi’s works

Meschac Gaba - Museum of Contemporary African Art & More,  Kunsthalle Fridericianum / Kassel / 2009

The Museum Restaurant and the 12 rooms

The work of Meshac Gaba

Entretempo Kitchen  - Food in Context - Untitled serena_toffetti

Food in Context

Between perfomance, natural food an sustainability. An exhibition at Mitte

Kings County - pic by Valerie Rizzo©

Mooning like yesterday

(Italiano) Distillare gin e whiskey, in attivo nel vecchio e nel nuovo continente

Wade - Break Up Texts - Courtesy Rick Wester Fine Art©

It’s Not You

An exhibition texts to Break-Up

Bestandsaufnahmen der alten Bötzow Brauerei für die Bötzow Berlin GmbH & Co. KG

In Berlin the Soupe is Populaire

DDR taste in a dish

Green Tea Ladies by Graham Fortgang©

Simplifying the ritual

in New York Matcha is espresso

Supernatural by Delfino Sisto Legnani©

Biotech Week

How technology can change the quality

Ambasciata Italiana a Brasilia, Pier Luigi Nervi 1979

Design at the silver screen

A Movie festival connecting directors and architects

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Enchanted Holidays

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