Focacceria San Francesco di Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

Sfincioni, focacce and marsala

Clear and old the shop that makes married and single cakes

Freaky Eaters - Francesco Stefanelli | Essen A Taste magazine

Freaky Eaters are coming!

Alimentary queernesses and obsessions

CARNECRUDA di Corrado Dalcò©

Raw Meat

Corrado Dalcò pictures collection

Victoria Laura von Os©


The new design department at Eindhoven

Campari Calendar 2015_BTS_July 10_by Francesco Pizzo (9)

Sinful calendar

A year with Mythology Mixology

Reportage Sicilia: Tonnara Florio di Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

The story of canned tuna in oil

Industrial archeology: ex factory Florio

Reportage Sicilia, Scopello di Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

The “Pane Cunzatu” of a little bakery in Scopello

Discovering the easiest flavor ever created


The new flavors of the world

Food design and natural exotism at Summer Fancy Food in New York

Paul Smith - Presentazione SS15 men @DaCarloeCamillain Segheria

British Flamboyance

At Carlo e Camilla, the pyrotechnics S/S 15 collection by Paul Smith

lily_allen_ Algida©

Everything ugly’s beautiful

Ice cream 14 or industrial ice creams season is still ongoing

Manu Immaginato di Leone Contini - images Martina Della Valle©

Imagined Menu

(Italiano) quanno tu mangiavi cor pensiero..

Ernest-Hemingway-with-dog--Ernest Hemingway Collection. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

Just like a man

At Pitti Uomo 86, inside Spazio Fumoir, Nardini’s spirits

Studio Fludd©

Gelatology and other Fludd

When ice-cream is a rock

Madeinfilanda - pic by Martina Della Valle©

MadeInFilandia is back

Open to public this new artists festival in tuscany

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Enchanted Holidays

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