• Supersec


    Dry mushrooms to share with bears

    — di Ilaria Dozio
  • Bread by Francesco Vincenti per Essen A Taste magazine©

    B r e a d

    Yeasts and flours for a sustainable world

    — di Francesco Vincenti
  • Berlin Food Week 2014 by Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

    Between chitterlings and apps

    Berlin Food Week second edition

    — di Martina Della Valle
  • Musèe de la Chasse et de la Nature by Martina Della Valle epr Essen A taste magazine©

    Game food?

    A museum that celebrate the contradiction of hunting

    — di Martina Della Valle
Bestandsaufnahmen der alten Bötzow Brauerei für die Bötzow Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Freaky Eaters - Francesco Stefanelli | Essen A Taste magazine

Freaky Eaters are coming!

Alimentary queernesses and obsessions

Green Tea Ladies by Graham Fortgang©

Simplifying the ritual

in New York Matcha is espresso

Supernatural by Delfino Sisto Legnani©

Biotech Week

How technology can change the quality

Ambasciata Italiana a Brasilia, Pier Luigi Nervi 1979

Design at the silver screen

A Movie festival connecting directors and architects

China à Paris by Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

from China to Paris

In Hanzgzou a hounsing scheme cribs the Ville Lumiére

Ostriche a colazione di Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

Oysters for breakfast

Parisian places where-to-eat the famous shell


Save water from the tank

In NYC, A project to remember the importance of water

Luigi Taglienti - portrait by Delfino Sisto Legnani per Essen A Taste magazine©

New projects at Ristorante Trussardi

Luigi Taglienti conclude la sua collaborazione con il prestigioso Gruppo

Stephan Janson e Laboratorio Parravicini - image by Guido Taroni©

Il mese del design e della moda

Tra progetti, artigianato e new talents

Chinabrenner - pic by Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

German hands in the Sichuan cuisine

Chinabrenner, a place in Leipzig with an ancient China taste


Ho to make Sake

(Italiano) Esperimenti di fermentazione

oreo graphic design - CC©

Printing a cookie

Twitter follows Oreo in 3D

CARNECRUDA di Corrado Dalcò©

Raw Meat

Corrado Dalcò pictures collection

Essen Videos

Enchanted Holidays

Essen | A Taste Magazine for MAX&Co

Essen Tastes

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