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Printing a cookie

Twitter follows Oreo in 3D

Freaky Eaters - Francesco Stefanelli | Essen A Taste magazine

Freaky Eaters are coming!

Alimentary queernesses and obsessions


Ho to make Sake

(Italiano) Esperimenti di fermentazione

CARNECRUDA di Corrado Dalcò©

Raw Meat

Corrado Dalcò pictures collection

Victoria Laura von Os©


The new design department at Eindhoven

Campari Calendar 2015_BTS_July 10_by Francesco Pizzo (9)

Sinful calendar

A year with Mythology Mixology

Reportage Sicilia: Tonnara Florio di Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

The story of canned tuna in oil

Industrial archeology: ex factory Florio

Reportage Sicilia, Scopello di Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

The “Pane Cunzatu” of a little bakery in Scopello

Discovering the easiest flavor ever created


The new flavors of the world

Food design and natural exotism at Summer Fancy Food in New York

Focacceria San Francesco di Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

Sfincioni, focacce and marsala

Clear and old the shop that makes married and single cakes

Paul Smith - Presentazione SS15 men @DaCarloeCamillain Segheria

British Flamboyance

At Carlo e Camilla, the pyrotechnics S/S 15 collection by Paul Smith

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Everything ugly’s beautiful

Ice cream 14 or industrial ice creams season is still ongoing

Manu Immaginato di Leone Contini - images Martina Della Valle©

Imagined Menu

(Italiano) quanno tu mangiavi cor pensiero..

Ernest-Hemingway-with-dog--Ernest Hemingway Collection. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

Just like a man

At Pitti Uomo 86, inside Spazio Fumoir, Nardini’s spirits

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Enchanted Holidays

Essen | A Taste Magazine for MAX&Co

Essen Tastes

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