KIT_chen progetto per Public design festival

Small businesses for sale

Public Design Festival suggests tools for little entrepreneur of the street food

Hotel Budapest

Courtesan au chocolat

The filling pastry in Grand Hotel Budapest


Breakfast at the planetarium

Three Cine Dreams nights

Bar Market by Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

Berlin Bar Market

Senatsreservespeicher, the cereal deposit is became a cocktail bar

Gerhard Winkler©

A sardine in a library

To the Marseilles soup, an exhibition in Berlin

Chanel Shopping Center

GDO di marca Chanel

Chanel Shopping Center Channel

Omnivore - pics Courtesy©


A french festival rounds the world

MARILYN MINTER Green Pink Caviar


An exhibition between science, art and food

Piment d’Espelette

Teas, Tits and Toys

Decent proposals to enjoy the new year eve


A temporary club for gentlemens

Whisky gives a break at the pub

Sandy skoglund

When the bar is just an illusion

How to create chocolate out of nothing

Tonic Death Diet © Bas Czerwinski

From Tonic Death Diet to 3D

Future visions from Rotterdam World Food Festival

Mushroom 2013 by Martina Della Valle per Essen A Taste magazine©

Mushroom from the wood

When alien comes from the wood

L'incanto dei vetri di MIL22©

The Grape Harvest is in your heart.

(Italiano) L’iniziativa milanese al centro del lusso

Essen Videos

Enchanted Holidays

Essen | A Taste Magazine for MAX&Co

Essen Tastes

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