Age your own whiskey

Milano, Cristina Zaga | 30 September 2011

Images courtesy of Woodinville Whiskey Co.©

It ‘s almost October, you’re already late. It’s the right time to settle down and age your whiskey at home, just to be ready for Christmas, when you’ll serve it wondering what could be the best name for your handcraft Bourbon.
Well we don’t suggest you to became the next Nucky Tompson of Boardwalk Empire, but to try the unique experience of distillate your own whiskey.The transformation that occurs inside a whiskey barrel is magnificent, imparting colors and flavors that cannot be duplicated by any other means. But unless you are a whiskey drinker who owns a distillery, it’s next to impossible to witness the transformation of the whiskey from clear to brown, and the many flavor, aroma, and taste complexities that are added before finishing the journey as aged whiskey.
The Woodinville Age Your Own™ Whiskey kit we discovered, puts you in the Captain’s seat for aging your whiskey to perfection. The kit includes a 1/2 gallon new charred oak whiskey barrel, 2 bottles of 110 proof White Dog unaged whiskey, 2 tasting glasses, a funnel and step by step instructions. The surface area to volume ratio (the amount of wood in contact with whiskey) of this small barrel is much higher than your typical 53 gallon barrel, so the aging process is significantly accelerated providing a nicely matured whiskey in just a few months (that’s for you to decide!).
If you want to try out, please give a look here.
We also suggest you to deepen Woodinville Whiskey Co. activity where two old friends Orlin Sorensen and Brett Carlile are slowly handcrafting what they aspire to be the best whiskey in the world − a few barrels at a time, outside the global corporations logic. Good luck, then!

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