A playful day between love, fruits and sun

Milano, Charlotte Garlaschelli | 16 July 2011

Images Mark Borthwick per Philia©

Mark Borthwick, a well-known avantgarde artist, is also a musician and one of the most influential photographers of his time. He was born in London in 1966 and he moved in France in 1984 and then in New York 11 years later, where he lives now with his daughter and wife, the designer Maria Cornejo.
His exhibitions are characterized by an avant-garde approach, in which the artist makes music performances and happenings, envolving other musicians and the community in general.
During his career he took pictures of many icons of the international creative scene: Bjork, Patti Smith, Chloe Sevigny, Kim Gordon, Cat Power, Dash Snow, Mike Mills, Aaron Rose, Sonic Youth are just some of the artists who were shot by his lens.
Makr loves food as well, and he loves making cooking experiments that are part of his creative works.
"There is no difference between music, art, photography or cooking for your friends", says Borthwick in an interview.

The photos we published here were taken - as a project of the Studio Blanco which is responsible for communication - for Philia, a new clothing line and its first S/S 2011 collection produced by Rilievi Group, specializing in embroidery.
Mark answers his emails with love, using poetry instead of prose for any dialectical exchange.

Philia's pictures are a awesome surprising work for a new couture brand, there's almost no clothes in your pictures! How did it go? It was your own suggestion about Philia esprit?
the feeling`s there to lead you astray
there for to create the opportunity to feel one`s self in a new light where by the identity of the brand is one`s self
no brand no name no image that rely`s upon what`s there among the trend`s of fashionable dusty magazine`s
giving the image a sense of freedom to breath upon it`s own volition without the necessity to be attach to another identity

This kind of intimacy, pureness, philianess, loveness is a specific kind of your pictures. It's not easy to create those feelings during a shooting, may I ask you where the location was, and what do you do to make this feelings appear in the photographs?
ha, to bless ay sweet word`s
these images were taken at home here in brooklyn, NY
the intimacy is among the peace of share`ing with among friend`s an lover`s
of which i have the gratitude` to all`way`s photograph my friend`s there for intimacy intimates a sense of trust
that said this is the way we live among an abundance of feeling`s felt so to share an image that let`s go
give`s one an opportunity to view life beside a slight`ly different light some`time`s brighter
whist not looking there`for there to delight you, an an image sensually explore all one`s never seen before

You're one of the few photographers who changed the fashion photography and how everybody view the fashion itself. We're trying to get a new perspective on food photography, trying to merge fashion and food together as a lifestyle mood. What do you think?
yes delight`fully so, "let`s bring it all to`gather"
for food`s an there documented way are a truly interest source of inspiration
an yet i feel the door`s are open
wide to view an other way.... where by were abel to share the simple thing`s in life of which translate to bring`ing people to`gather among family an friend`s
an image that excel`s a sense of joy vibrates to all
for eye am glad to say
i will be working on my first cookbook
with no recipes no rule`s
so to implement a sensual sense among one`s who`s voices tend toward`s the tendering of all one`s fruit`full giving`s

Which are the fruits you used for Philia shooting?
among the vertue`s of song
one`s born to carry one along
there`s a view an apricot whom left upon her voyage well upon her canoe
passing through one`s river`s to fall in love
a fig who`s fruit`full giving`s came to blast her
there toward`s the mountain`s a view toward`s an horizon rising
a love story to blue`s you seduce you

to fruit`s full`ing trees, who`s love me these
for eye am one who's beckoned by the eye`s of her leaves
whom lead me else`where
as every path`way lead`s you away

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