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Berlino, Adrian Parvulescu | 21 September 2011

Images Courtesy: Adrian Parvulescu

Born in Bucharest and made in Berlin, Adrian Parvulescu, is acting between fashion and art. These images are a perfect bridge that connect two season. One we just went through, and the new one we are going to live.
Adrian is living by life’s little affairs that take him from one to another situation. Those situations are the moments that Adrian tries to save into photographs.

Adrian loves catching situations. The pictures he sent us have something familiar, fresh and vernal. They don't have an unambigouos connotation of the captured moment but they let your imagination picture what happened right before and what's gonna happen later. And they make you smile. Especially the two pictures that inspired me for the recipes I'm gonna tell you. In these pictures the face of the subject is covered with a layer of cream or a towel! I think I should suggest the following recipes to Adrian himself, hoping he'll appreciate them,because with the use of the same ingredients I found a double solution and because we can use them to hide our face as well..

Recipe for cucumber mask

To fight signs of fatigue, balance sebum production, deeply hydrate your skin and brighten its tone.

- 1 cucumber
- 1 lemon
- plain yogurt
- mixer

How To

Cut 5-6 inches of cucumber and peel it. Then cut it into 4 pieces and place it in a bowl with half lemon's juice and 3 spoons of yoghurt. Blend it with the mixer and use the brush to spread it on your face and neck skin. Use a generous dose especially around your eyes and mouth, to fight the signs of stress, but don't touch mucous membranes: always leave a one inch margin to avoid burns and irritation.Leave it on your skin for 5 minutes. Before washing it away, gently massage your skin with circular movements and rinse with plenty of warm water, then dab your face with a cotton towel or a sponge, without rubbing.You can do this about twice a week, because this is not an aggressive mask: it is nutrient and astringent and it will help your skin looking beautiful and fresh from the first use.

Take these ingredients and add a bit of garlic... you'll have an excellent tzatziki!

Recipe for Tzatziki

It is probably the most famous sauce in the Greek cuisine. Made of yoghurt, garlic, lemon and cucumbers, it is widely used in the Greek cuisine with many dishes, especially meat, and as a dressing for pita con gyros.

- 14 ounces of yoghurt (Greek yoghurt is perfect, you'll easily find it at the supermarket)
- half cucumber, peeled and grated.
- 4-8 Cloves of garlic (depending on your taste), finely chopped
- juice of half a lemon
- 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
- salt.

How To

First prepare all the ingredients. The cucumber should be peeled and should have no seeds. Once you've grated it, place it on an absorbent cloth so that you won't have too much liquid. Take a bowl and mix oil and lemon juice in it, then slowly add the yoghurt, being careful to add it completely to the oil mix. Add garlic cloves and the cucumber, keep mixing until it is well blended. The secret for a more intense tzatziki? The longer you keep it in fridge before serving the stronger flavor it will get. To add a fresh touch, you can add some fresh mint as well.

Steam and herbal tea with chamomile ginger and mint


- essential oil of mint
- chamomile
- ginger
- bicarbonate
- essential oil of eucalyptus
- bowl
- Towel

How To

First wash the ginger and cut into thin slices. Boil 5 liters of water and add chamomile, sliced ginger and mint. Let it boil for some minutes and put aside a cup you'll drink as tea. Add a spoon of bicarbonate and some drops of oil to the rest of the water, it will improve its beneficial effects. Remove from heat, pour everything in a bowl, take a towel and keeping your head over the pot aspire for at least 10 minutes the steam of this water. Then you'll still have your herbal tea ready to be drunk.

Text and recipes: Linda Troni

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