Le Dictateur

Milano, redazione | 11 July 2012

Img. 1, 2, 3 Fugu 2 | Img. 6 Invito These Peanuts Are Bullets | Img. 4 Arresto di Julius von Bismark Img. 5 Julius von Bismark durante la performance | Img. 7-9 from Unpublished© | Img. 10-13 Opening

The five-days event Le Dictateur opened yesterday morning in New York with the project These Peanuts are Bullets: a continuous flow of performances, works and zines created by artists united in a collective. Among the zines that will be presented at Family Business in Chelsea from 10 am to 6pm, there will also be the second issue of Fugu, a self-produced magazine from Apart Collective focused on food and death .

All the publications will be presented with an identical and anonymous cover, creating a composition as a single publication.

We had a short chat with Andrea Mineo, creative director and founder of Apart Collective:

Why have you decided to present this work in Nueva York?

Apart Collective was born as a creative collective that bases its philosophy on the development of talents. FUGU is not just a good idea for an editorial product, but it is also created by people who do not certainly lack of talent. This is why, when we were invited in New York by Family Business, it seemed natural to give FUGU and its moms visibility.

Don't you think that grouping fanzines under one single hat makes them less fanzine, less free and independent?

The "hat" is nothing more than a publishing house specializing in independent editions, plus every fanzine was self produced by the respective author.
This gave Le Dictateur the possibility of relying on many projects and the authors don't undermine their projects.

Can you tell us briefly about your project?
For almost two years I've been running Unpublished - Best unseen photography, an independent magazine about contemporary photography that aims to show this type of photography to a wider audience than that of art galleries, creating a new audience of collectors.
Following the concept of collectors, we thought about a special edition of the magazine as an album, with wrapped stickers, that contains all 60 pictures we published so far.

Marcella Foschi- Fugu magazine:

This is the second issue of Fugu. You've presented the first one at Berlin Food Festival, what is the theme of this issue?

The first issue dealt with the relationship between food and death through articles and contributions by artists and critics that aimed to trigger a debate on the subject; this issue has an exclusively visual format. No text, except the initial statement, that shows how food and death are "our daily bread": this time the whole debate is focused on association between images.

How long did it take you to make it?

We finished it in a record time, in just one week. We are thankful for this to Andrea Mineo from Apart Collective, who believed in our project, Ornella Zaza and Grazia Sechi for their contribution with images and the command ctrl+d but that is a secret!

Where have you distributed it? How many prints have you done and how?

This is a special issue because it was printed especially for Le Dictateur, with only fifty copies, we standardized the "restaurant menu" format of the first issue using a folded A3 this time.
From now on you can buy it on our website fugumag.com along with issue #1

At the These Peanuts are Bullets, every night, starting from 6.30 pm, a solo show's opening is taking place.Every artist invited has designed a special project for These Peanuts are Bullets.

Julius Von Bismarck | Floria Sigismondi | Nico Vascellari | Liz Magic Laser | Thomas Houseago

As usual, this time the noise was made by the arrest of Julius von Bismarck, the artist's first performace.

Zine e artworks:
Apart Collective
Jacopo Benassi
Alva Bernadine
Elisabetta Claudio
Mario Conte
Roberto Cuoghi
Lorenzo D’Anteo
Jacopo Emiliani
Matteo Ferrari
Pierpaolo Ferrari
Maurizio Maggiani
Ari Marcopoulos
Sebastiano Mastroeni
Maurizio Mercuri
Umberto Nicoletti
Matteo Nuti
Elisa Ci Penagini
Federico Pepe
Marco Pietracupa
Elisabetta Radmanovic
Lele Saveri
Bennet Schlesinger
Lady Tarin
Nico Vascellari
Camilla e Giulia Venturini Andrea Volta
Alberto Zanetti

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