Sweet Alchemie

Modena, Carlo Gibertini | 15 February 2012

Kois Associated Architects | Principal Architect: Kois Stelios Design | team: Patsiaouras Nikos, Stavrou Marielina, Manolas Philipos | Construction: Korfiatis Kostas | Photography: George Sfakianakis

With the usual timing, we propose you a new business activity recently opened in Athens: Sweet Alchemy , it is a candy shop located on the northern area of the city, located in the neighborhood rich and fashioned of Kifissia.
The particularity of this wonderful place is that, as the name suggests, seems to be in an alchemist's laboratory: mystery, mysticism, dark and play lights with shadows formed the concept store, this was the project developed by Kois Associated Architets for a pastries shop made to display and sale cakes and mignon pastry from their author Stelios Parliaros , a real star in Greece, the chef and writer of several cookbooks and a program on Mega TV.

Desserts are presented as an ingredient of magic potions in many labeled jars with an straight order placed skeletal shelves, but also in big glass cases. All these precious sweeties appear as a rare commodity, as the sin of the pleasure of the forbidden fruit.
Altought, old scales are positioned within this store, for weighing the precise quantities of product. Around, just simple raw materials such as iron, bronze, copper and wood, but never treated molded to maintain their natural effect.
In short: take a sweet tour of Athens. Now more than ever.

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